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Group Forum

What is the Discussion Forum Email Digest?

The Discussion Forum Email Digest sends an digest email of the recent discussion forum posts at an interval chosen by the member.

Configure the Groups Option

  1. Navigate to Groups under the Members tab.
  2. Click on the Options action button.
  3. Click on the Email Tab.
  4. Select "Yes" for the Allow forum digest parameter.
  5. Select the Save & Close to save.

Forum Email Digest

  1. Navigate to the backend of a Hub and click on Extensions, then from the drop-down click Plug-in Manager
  2. Search for cron-forum and enable the plug-in
  3. Navigate to Components and from the drop-down click Cron
  4. Click the Create button 
  5. Give the new Cron job a title and select the Group Forum Email Digest event, then make the frequency Run once a day, midnight
  6. Then Publish the new Cron job and click Save & Close
  7. Navigate back to the Users tab and select Groups from the drop-down
  8. Click on Options and then click the Email tab
  9. Look for "Allow forum digest" and change the answer to Yes
  10. Click Save to finalize the process


Note: A user wants to receive the email digest then they must sign up to receive it. The user  must go into a Group of their choice and click on the Forum tab. Inside of the Forum they will find an area called Email Settings. Click on the Change your settings link and from the pop-up check the box next to "Email me about new posts in this group and send me those emails..." then select the way in which they want to receive forum posts. They can have each post sent to them individually (individually as new posts are made) or they can receive an email digest of the posts (as part of a Daily/Weekly/Monthly email digest). Once a user has set up these terms, then they will start receiving digests based on their settings.

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