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Application Structure

The Root Directory

The default application structure of a hub is intended to provide a clean separation of a hub's content, configuration, extensions, and everything else that makes a hub unique from the core framework.

.. /administrator
.. /api
.. /app
.. /core
.. muse
.. index.php
.. htaccess.txt
.. robots.txt

Admin & API

The administrator and api directories are carry-overs from prior versions of the hub framework and marked for deprecation in a future version fo the framework. Do not place any files or folders within these two directories.

The Administrator application, also known as the Back-end, Admin Panel or Control Panel, is the interface where administrators and other site officials with appropriate privileges can manipulate the appearance, enable/disable installed extensions, or manage users and content.
Every hub comes with an API for accessing data from the various components and extensions in a light-weight, speedy manner. This directory contains the entry point to the API and can be accessed by visiting http://{yourhub}.org/api

The App Directory

The brain, or uniqueness, of a hub lives in the app directory. All (non-core) extensions installed, templates, cache files, uploaded content, and configurations will reside in this directory.

When developing extensions for a hub, the constant PATH_APP should be used for any paths relating to directories or files within the app directory. This is shorter and allows for the potential renaming of the directory while keeping the hub functioning smoothly.

The app directory contains a number of sub-directories used by the hub for managing extensions and files. Most of these directories will initially be empty.

The bootstrap folder contains a few files that bootstrap the framework and configure available services.
The cache directory is used for storing generated content. Nothing within is vital but, rather, is used for dramatically improving site performance. The directory is further sub-divided by application type: admin, site, api, cli.
The components directory is where 3rd-party and custom made components will reside.
The config directory, as the name implies, contains all of the hub's configuration files.

The Core Directory

If the app directory is the brain, the core directory is the skeleton, muscles, and heart of a hub, containing the framework and numerous pre-installed extensions.

As with the app directory, a global constant of PATH_CORE representing the file path is available.

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