2.2.1 expected for release on Feb 4th, 2018.

  • PHP 5.6 minimum requirement
  • PHP 7 ready
  • migrations directories added to all components and plugins with initial install migrations
  • Automatic API endpoints for ORM models - If a component has ORM models, the system will automatically make available API endpoints for the basic CRUD actions. Models must be named as a singular entity and endpoints are reached via the plural of those entity names. For example, if the Blog component has a model named Entry, then the API endpoint would be

    Automatic API endpoints will only be available if a component has not already implemented an API interface (i.e., if a component does not have an /api sub-directory).

  • Support for un-prefixed component and module directories. This allows for the removal of the redundant com_ and mod_ prefixes on directories.


    Note: Prefixed directories will be deprecated in the next version.

  • Autoloading of PHP files for un-prefixed components. No include or require statements needed. Class namespace directly maps to case insensitive path.

    // Path:
    // Directly maps to a class of
    // Calling the class the first time autoloads it, so no include statement is needed:
    class Examples extends SiteController
        public function displayTask()
            $model = new \Components\Example\Models\Foo();
  • Hubzero\Database\Manager class added. Class is used to manage database connections.

    • Hubzero\Database\Relational::connection property changed from object (Hubzero\Database\Driver) to (string) name of the connection to be resolved by the manager.
    • Hubzero\Database\Driver\Pdo is generic PDO driver class.
    • Hubzero\Database\Driver\Mysql added, extends Driver\Pdo
    • Hubzero\Database\Driver\Sqlite added, extends Driver\Pdo
    • Hubzero\Database\Driver\Pgsql added, extends Driver\Pdo
  • Projects now use global activity log.
  • core/libraries/simplepie changed to a Composer package
  • Hubzero\Database\Table added as temporary replacement for Joomla's JTable
  • Joomla constants replacement:

    Joomla HUBzero
  • End of life for Joomla-based code
  • Base install migrations added to every component
  • Suggestions for alternate search terms if a term returns no results


  • com_admin removed from core
  • com_store removed from core
  • plg_quickicon_extensionupdate removed from core
  • plg_quickicon_joomlaupdate removed from core
  • plg_xmessage_im removed from core
  • plg_xmessage_rss removed from core
  • plg_xmessage_smstxt removed from core
  • tpl_hubbasic2012 removed from core
  • tpl_hubbasic2013 removed from core
  • tpl_baselayer removed from core


  • com_activity added - Admin interface and API endpoint for browsing/inspecting site activity


  • com_citations rewritten to use the ORM
  • com_config rewritten from Joomla-based code
  • com_plugins rewritten to use the ORM
  • com_resources rewritten to use the ORM
  • com_support rewritten to use the ORM
  • com_wishlist rewritten to use the ORM


  • PHP 7 minimum requirement
  • Prefixed component com_ and module mod_ directories are deprecated.
  • HUBzero modules: {module name}.php and helper.php files merged
  • Modules must extend Hubzero\Module\Module
  • Final removal of all remaining Joomla code.
  • Extension (com, mod, plg, tpl) manifests changed to JSON
  • Default language is en-US, changed from en-GB

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