• PHP 7 minimum requirement
  • Prefixed component com_ and module mod_ directories are deprecated.
  • HUBzero modules: {module name}.php and helper.php files merged
  • Modules must extend HubzeroModuleModule
  • Final removal of all remaining Joomla libraries.
  • Extension (com, mod, plg, tpl) manifests changed from XML to JSON (e.g. composer.json).
  • Removal of /api and /administrator directories. Routing to appropriate client (https://{hub}/api and https://{hub}/administrator) is mapped by the CMS to URL segment rather than actual directories on the machine.

Active Development/Investigation (release target not set)

  • Replace OpenVZ with Docker for tool containers.
  • Docker-based hub install.
  • Integration with Agave.
  • Default language is en-US, changed from en-GB.
  • Stop tracking /app directory entirely. The CMS will auto-create the directory (and sub-directories) as well as populate any necessary files.
  • Nothing is served directly out of /core
    • Static assets (CSS, JS, etc) are served from a single location such as /app/public.

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