now requires two factor authentication through Google Authenticator. Should you need assistance with the two factor authentication please report the problem via a support ticket. close





You may install the latest version of the CMS (2.0.0)

# apt-get install -y hubzero-cms-2.0.0

or install the previous version of the CMS (1.3.1)

# apt-get install -y hubzero-cms-1.3.1



# hzcms install example

It is necessary to immediately run the updater to apply fixes that have not been incorporated into the initial installation.

# hzcms update


# a2dissite default default-ssl 
# a2ensite example example-ssl 
# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart



The default installation of the CMS uses a self signed SSL certificate. Some browers will not accept this certificate and not allow access to the site.

You will need to install a proper SSL certificate.

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