Module for Collecting

The hub comes with a module, mod_collect, for collecting a number of content types on the hub: resources, wiki pages, forum threads, courses, publications, and content articles. This module can be enabled via the administrative Module Manager. Once the module is enabled, a Collect button will appear on the single view pages for the various types of content. Users can then collect resources, wiki pages, etc. The collected material will be saved as a post with a link back to the original content.

Collectible content types:

To enable the module:

  • Wiki pages
  • Forum threads
  • Courses
  • Resources
  • Publications
    1. Navigate to and login as an administrative user
    2. In the backend, under the Extensions tab, select Module Manager
    3. Find the module, and then select the module by clicking the small check box
    4. Once the module has been selected, click Enable to enable the module
    5. The module will now be active on the hub and users will be able to collect content for collections

Editing Collection Items

Note: You have to be logged into your hub in order to complete the following tasks

  1. Navigate to
  2. Locate the Components tab and then select the Collections button located in the drop-down
  3. On the Collection page, click the Items tab
  4. Locate the item and then check the box beside the title of the item
  5. Click the Edit button to edit the item
  6. Make the changes to the item and then click Save & Close to save the changes and you will be navigated back to the Collection: Items page

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