Managing Tags

Tags are the Hub's way to highlighting and attaching key words to various content on the Hub. Based off of hashtags, Tags allow users to connect various projects, groups, publications, together by attaching the same tag to each piece of content. When creating or editing an area on the Hub, you will be presented with a field to submit a tag.

You can simply add a tag by typing in the field a word and then click Enter. If you wish to remove the tag, hover over the tag and an X will appear to the right of the word. Select the X and the tag will be removed.

How to Tag Tickets

Tags are essential in tracking tickets in the Support section of the Hub. Track various component requests, broken sections and questions all by adding Tags to a ticket. For example, when testing out a newly added feature or development item, you can tag your support tickets with three tags conveying the information of where, what, and why. The following points define each tag and have a list of examples under each point:


  • Where: The first tag should convey where the ticket is coming from.
    • Hub: Hub name
    • Development Environments: QA, dev, production
  • What: The second tag should convey what release the ticket involves.
    • Releases: The release number
  • Why: The third tag should convey why the ticket is being submitted.
    • Components: projects, collections, groups, super groups
    • Areas: backend, frontend, plugins, menus
    • Reasons: security, scripts,  hubupdate

Creating a Tag    

  1. Log into /administrator interface of the Hub 
  2. Hover over the Components tab and from the drop-down select Tags
  3. Click on the New button
  4. Check the box if the Tag will be viewable for administrators only or if the new Tag will viewable by all users
  5. In the Tag text box write the Tag. Tags cannot have capitalized letters, non-alphanumeric characters, spaces, or punctuation
  6. In the Tag description box, write a detailed description of what the Tag represents
  7. In the Alias box, write in a comma separated list the different Tags that the new Tag will represent
  8. Click Save & Close to save the new Tag

Deleting a Tag

  1. Log into the /administrator of the Hub
  2. Hover over the Components tab and from the drop-down and select Tags
  3. Under the Tag tab, locate the tag that is to be deleted
  4. Select the tab by checking the tag’s box
  5. Once the tag has been selected, click Delete
  6. The tag will be permanently removed from the Hub

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