• General bug fixes.
  • Browser Support for IE is now only IE11 or greater.
  • Feed aggregator component removed.
  • Full screen option for videos in resources deprecated.
  • Form validation improvements.
  • Projects: Delete project link and warning box moved to sidebar from bottom of the page to be a little easier to find.
  • Reworked several modules, plugins, and components to remove inline styles and scripts. This moves CSS and JS to external files and potentially allows for a stricter Content Security Policy with better guards against Cross-Site Scripting attacks.
  • Reworked extensions to use the Media Manager's configuration for max upload file size and allowed file types. This consolidates configuration options to one spot rather than being duplicated in multiple components. The Support component still allows for overriding Media Manager settings as anyone—even logged-out users—can upload files so some stricter options may be in order.
  • Added extra logging to error handler. 500 pages will not log the error to PHP's error_log()
  • Where applicable, changed HTML input type to "email" (e.g., <input type="email" />). On mobile devices, this can single the device to use an alternate keyboard layout geared more towards entering email addresses.

New Features

  • Administrator: Tools: Added a column for DOI to the list of tool versions. This also allows for editing some of the DOI info tied to the tool version. This does not issue DOIs, however.
  • Administrator: Members: Added option to delete member picture. For auto-generated pictures, this will re-generate a new picture.
  • Added configuration option to disable comments on wiki pages or disable ratings on wiki comments (if comments are enabled).
  • Kimera template: Site header has an indicator next to user picture when logged in as an admin.
  • Refactored administrator's Media Manager interface. Includes drag & drop upload, new file icons, better image preview, "get link to file" option, and easier file browsing.

Developer Features

  • Added view handlers (plugins/handlers) for Jupyter Notebooks (.ipynb), scripts with syntax highlighting, HTML5 video & audio, and MarkDown (.md) files.
  • Deprecated Mootools JavaScript libraries removed.


  • Templates for Feature request & Bug reports now available.

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