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Forum Email Digest

On each Hub there is a way for users to receive daily/weekly/monthly digest emails containing all of the posts that have been made inside of a Group's Forum. To sign up to receive these emails, follow these steps:


  1. Navigate to a group your choice and click on the Forum tab
  2. Inside the Forum, locate the right column on the page and locate the Email Settings area
  3. Click on the Change your settings link and from the pop-up manage your email settings
    1. ​First, check the box next to "Email me about new posts in this group and send me those emails..."
    2. Secondly, select the way in which you want to receive forum posts by selecting "Individually as new posts are made" or "As part of a (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly) email digest"
      1. Note: To determine the frequency, select the time frame (i.e. daily, weekly, or monthly) from the drop-box
  4. After managing your settings click Save

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