• Accessibility fixes.
  • Numerous bug fixes, mostly related to Javascript issues.
  • Moved more inline Javascript to external files.
  • Trouble Report form (mode_reportproblems) is now loaded upon demand rather than included on every page.
  • Resources: COiNs microformat generator moved to plugin and now included for each resource in the listing (/resources/browse).
  • Login now uses com_login instead of com_users. A migration was added to update menu items and all core code now points to com_login. com_users is now a proxy for com_login, to maintain backwards compatibility. Note: This removed the remaining Joomla-based code still in use.

    This may require additional redirect URIs to be added to the OAuth configuration for individual authenticators. The following URIs should be added:

    • {your hub}/index.php?option=com_login&task=login&authenticator={authenticator}
    • {your hub}/index.php?option=com_login&task=link&authenticator={authenticator}


  • Added SVG file type icons to /core/assets/images/filetypes and changed the media manager and Project Files to use said icons. Example usage:
    // Try to load an icon for the .doc file type
    $icon = Html::asset('image', 'assets/filetypes/doc.svg', '', null, true, true);
    // If filetype isn't found, load a generic 'file' icon
    if (!$icon)
        $icon = Html::asset('image', 'assets/filetypes/file.svg', '', null, true, true);
  • DOIs in citations should now automatically be linked to{doi}.

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