Many components will have a set of parameters that can be configured. These parameters can determine what functionality is presented to the user, be a default set of user options (what profile fields are visible to site visitors by default, for instance), or settings needed for the component to function properly. Accessing and adjusting these parameters is quick and easy.

Note: Not all components will have configurable parameters. For those that do, the configurations apply only to that component and should not affect any other components, site settings, or module settings.

  1. First login to the administrative back-end.
  2. Once logged in, find “Components” in the main menu bar located toward the top of the page. You should be presented with a drop-down menu containing a list of your installed components.
  3. Choose the component you wish configure from the available options. Here we've chosen the "Hub" component.


  4. Once the page has loaded, select the “Parameters” button in the toolbar, found in the upper right-hand portion of the screen. Click it.


  5. You should now be presented with a pop-up panel for various settings and configurations of your site.


  6. Adjust the available parameters as needed and then click "Save". Changes take affect immediately.


Note: Very often a component will not function properly until component parameters have been first inputted and saved. For instance, HUBzero tools will not work properly unless the middleware configuration has first been defined in the tools component entry.

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