Group Citations

What is a group citation?

Within a group, a citation is a listing of a product resulting in work done by a group or a group member. As a group manager, you can choose to display citations curated by a group manager-only or citations that were produced by members of your group.

Why am I being redirected to the settings page?

If you are a group manger, the plugin needs to know a few things before you start using it such as which citations to show, whether or not to show badges or tags, enable COinS, and which citation format to use. Make your selections and then click Save. You will be redirected to the following page to get started using.

Okay I saved my settings, what do I do now?

If you selected Display group-attributed citations only within the settings page, you start off with a blank slate. You can manually input your citations through a form or you can import supported file formats (currently BibTeX or EndNote).

I do not like the exiting citation formats, how do I make my own?

Your group is allowed one custom format. You can create it by going into the Settings page, and selecting Custom format for the group. The textarea will preserve the previously selected format in case you would like to do not want to start from scratch. If you want to start from scratch, simply delete the existing text and enter the Key of the field you want to insert. You can do this by either manually typing it the key into the textarea or simply click on the row corresponding to the key/value you would like to insert.

Alright so I have entered or imported at least one citation, why is it yellow?

When you import or manually enter a citation, it immediately goes into an unpublished state, meaning that anybody who is not a group manager cannot see the entry. You can publish the citation by clicking the publish button next to each individual citation or click the checkbox next to each citation you would like to publish and click Publish selected citations.

Once you publish a citation, the yellow background will disappear and it shall be counted in the total number of citations for that group.

So what can I do with citation entries as a group manager?

  1. You can do three things:
    1. Publish & Un-publish entries
    2. Edit entries
    3. Delete entries
      1. Delete puts the citation in the trashed status – meaning it is NOT fully deleted. A Hub Admin can only fully-delete the entry. If you accidently delete a citation from your group, you can contact the hub administrator to republish your citation.

A citation is listed, but I do not have the ability to edit, delete, or unpublished it. Why not?

You have enabled the Display group-attributed and group member-attributed citations option. The entries that do not have the permission to publish or un-publish belong to a group member. 

What is a COin?

COinS (ContextObjects in Spans) is a simple, ad hoc community specification for publishing OpenURL references in HTML. In simpler terms, it is a method for embedding OpenURL data within a HTML page. There are plugins and other tools that can help locate the cited work in full-text in available areas on the Internet.

How do I associate an author of a citation with a Hub User’s profile?

Within the edit form under the Author(s) field, the editor simply needs to start typing the member’s full name or username and click the Add button. The autocompleting field should show the user’s name and ID number to confirm the correct selection has been made. Once the association has been made, the user’s name will appear in the entry as a link which will direct itself to the member’s profile.

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