The Spring 2021 release contains commits from Mar 3, 2020 to present.

Admin functions

Blocking a user now expires the account password.
Users can now be blocked by selecting multiple users from the list in /administrator
/admin should now redirect to /administrator.


Added an administrator option to disable comments from collections.


Javascript fixes.
Simulation tools now in a new window from within a course.
Limited number of courses are displayed with more_courses link on the course introduction page.


Fixed registration emails regex.
Properly display events in time / ordering.

Extension Manager

The CMS Extension Manager has been updated to allow custom extensions to be managed directly by the CMS interface.  Instructions are located at:


Fixed group calendar event times.
Fixed super group page scanner when R markdown or JS is entered.
Added guest login prompt to group pages.


Fixed sorting issue when deleting a discussion

Members Dashboard

Fixed dashboard widgets resizing issue.


User timezone in todo item fixed.
Removed automatic addition of project members when selecting new project membership options.
Improved com_projects zip archive dir detection fixes.


Citations are not attached to publication versions.
Fixed issue where attachments were not copying when forking a publication.


Hub Presenter video will no longer autoplay.
A message will now be displayed to login in order to see all supporting docs if the user is not logged in and the supporting docs are private.
Updated import result rendering.

User Login

Added the ability for unapproved users to submit tickets.


Refactored tagged list pagination logic in /administrator.
Fixed sorting and pagination display limit at the same time issue.


Fixed check if submitted users and groups exist in the tool edit info page.


ACL fixes.
Closed tickets should reopen when a new comment is posted.


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