• Upgraded jQuery to 3.3.1 and jQuery.ui to 1.12.1
  • Upgraded D3 Javascript framework to v5.9.2 (core/assets/js/d3.js)
  • LaTeX math formula support changed to use MathJax. This will remove an approximately 3Gb dependency on the HUBzero install in future releases.
  • Moved several duplicated language strings down to a single core language string.
  • Projects /projects/browse page has been redesigned to use "cards" instead of a table.
  • Projects now use the standard access column (Admin > Users > Access Levels) to control visibility, allowing projects to be assigned to specialized access levels and, thus, only viewable/findable by people who can view said access level.
  • HUBzero copyright block (found at the top of all the code files) updated, simplified, and significantly reduced in size.


  • Removed select2.js and associated CSS. Use jquery.fancyselect.js instead.
  • Removed core/libraries/fpdf and core/libraries/fpdi libraries. Code using them was refactored to use TCPDF instead.
  • Removed core/libraries/nusoap. Library was unused.
  • Removed core/libraries/simplepie. SimplePie is included via Composer instead.
  • Removed unused views/*/tmpl/{view name}.xml files. View XML files are used for providing params for menu items and aren't currently supported for plugin views.

New Features

  • More filters for Activity API. You can now provide a start_date and end_date to retrieve activity in a specified time range.
  • Group Forums: Added configuration option for default sorting of threads (last activity, created, number of replies, thread title).
  • Previously only supported by components, all extension types now support a /config directory for configuration options.
    .. /mod_foo
    .. .. /config
    .. .. .. config.xml
    This keeps the structure of extensions more consistent.
  • Courses: Add ability to add tools + files to be used with the tool when invoking a session from a course.

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