• General bug fixes.
  • Accessibility fixes.

New Features

  • Add publication cron job for FTP links. Embargoed publications need to be added/removed based on embargo date.
  • Search Components previously only allowed indexable models to be added and show as a main type. Now custom queries can be provided as a main category.
  • Add ability to re-send e-mail confirmation link. Administrators will see a re-send Confirmation E-mail button on the edit page of users that haven't confirmed their e-mail.
  • Added module for displaying cookie policy (GDRP compliance).
  • Administrator > Site Configuration: This will suggest a 4-character alpha-numeric "site code" based off the sitename if one isn't already provided.

Developer Features

  • Initial install migrations added to several modules that were missing them.
  • Front-end of com_content rewritten to remove remaining Joomla code.
  • Course emails now use global email template.
  • Start of refactoring extensions to remove inline CSS and Javascript. This allows for a potentially stricter Content Security Policy that better guards against Cross-Site Scripting attacks.

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