Hub usage statistics can be found on the /usage page. On this page the amount of user visits, which calculates unique IP address visits identified by residence and organization as a graphic along with downloads, also identified by IP address residence and organization. Tool simulation users and jobs can be collected along with the total wall time, interaction time and CPU time. Usage is collected each month and is a great resource to show community growth.

Usage Breakdown

Usage is a feature that gathers statistics about user registration, tool run, files downloaded and more. 

The Usage breakdown can be divided up by these statistics:

  • Users - Visits: Amount of visits to the Hub and page hits by public visitors
  • Users - Downloads: Files downloaded by the user from Publications, Resources, Project Files, etc.
  • Users - Residence: Location defined by a user's profile
  • Users - Organization: Organization defined by a user's profile
  • Simulation - Users: Total tool users running jobs on the Hub
  • Simulation - Simulation Jobs: Total tool jobs run on the Hub
  • Simulation - Total CPU Time: Total CPU time used
  • Simulation - Total Wall Time: Total wall time
  • Simulation - Total Interaction Time: Total time a tool jobs were interacted with
  • Simulation - Users with > 10 minutes of CPU Time: Users running more than 10 minutes of CPU time
  • Simulation - Avg. Number of Simulation Jobs/User: Adverage number of simulation jobs per user
  • Simulation - Avg. Time between First and Last Simulation: Adverage time between simulations
  • Simulation - Repeat Users with > 10 Simulation Jobs: Users running more than 10 jobs
  • Simulation - Repeat Users with > 3 months: Users running jobs for more than 3 months

Usage Maps

The Usage Map provides an outlook on who is currently active and online through out the world. This world view will add a location flag at the GPS location of that user. This location is defined by the address and location the user gives in their profile. By clicking on the location flag, one can view the user's profile and location details.

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