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All templates should include a manifest in the form of an XML document named templateDetails.xml. The file holds key "metadata" about the template and is essential. Without it, your template won't be seen by the system.

Directory & Files

Templates are found in the /templates directory of a hub's /app. Specific template files are contained within a directory of the same name as the template. While a template may contain any number of files and sub-directories, it must contain at least two files: the primary layout (index.php) and a XML manifest named templateDetails.xml.

.. /templates
.. .. /{TemplateName}
.. .. .. /css
.. .. .. /html
.. .. .. /img
.. .. ..  /js
.. .. .. error.php
.. .. .. component.php
.. .. .. index.php
.. .. .. templateDetails.xml
.. .. .. template_thumbnail.png
.. .. .. favicon.ico

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