Simulation Usage Definitions

Simulation Users

Number of Registered Users that ran one or more simulation runs.

A registered user is assigned and identified with a unique login identity on the system.

Simulation Jobs

A unit of work to be processed, generally comprising an application program or group of related programs and data, linkages, and instructions to the operating system needed for running the program.

Total CPU Time

CPU time measures the amount of time a single CPU spent running your code.  If multiple cores are used during the same time frame the CPU time is multiplied by the number of cores.

CPU time does not include other time on the system such as waiting in the queue, file I/O, etc..

Total Wall Time

Wall clock time (clock on the wall) is the actual elapsed time taken to perform a job from beginning to end. This is equivalent to timing your job with a stopwatch and the measured time to complete your task can be affected by anything else that the system (file I/O) happens to be doing at the time.

Total Interaction Time


Users with > 10 mins of CPU Time

Users who ran a simulation that used more than 10 mins of CPU Time.

Avg. Number of Simulation Jobs/User

The average number of simulation jobs that the user executed in the selected time frame.

Avg. Time between First and Last Simulation


Repeat Users with > 10 Simulation Jobs

Number of users that have executed more than 10 simulation jobs.

Repeat Users with > 3 Months 9

The number of simulation users that returned after a gap of 3 months.

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