• Administrator template: Toolbar button styles tweaked to make icons more visible and template themes reworked to reduce the number of files being loaded.
  • Login views and code copied from (deprecated) com_users to com_login.

    Note: com_users will be removed in a future version. Login links should point to com_login.

  • LinkedIn OAuth library was moved from core/libraries/ to core/plugins/authentication/linkedin/.
  • Twitter OAuth library was moved from core/libraries/ to core/plugins/authentication/twitter/.
  • Administrative JavaScript reworked to move event logic for toolbar buttons into functions so that event handlers can be removed or overridden as needed.
  • Default value of DateTime database columns changed from 0000-00-00 00:00:00 to NULL to comply with MySQL strict mode.
  • Default language file en-GB.lib_joomla.ini replaced by en-GB.lib_hubzero.ini.
  • Colors and logos updated for authenticator buttons (e.g., Google, Facebook, etc)


New Features

  • Course image can now be set from the front-end.
  • Managers and instructors of a course can now copy an entire course from the front-end.
  • If the creator of a course marks it as allowing forks, a logged-in user may "fork" a course. This creates a complete copy of the course, removes all managers and instructors, and marks the person who created the fork as the current manager.
  • Add South Sudan to the list of the countries
  • Wiki - Page History: Any prior revision can now be set to "current", effectively allowing a page to be reverted to an older state.
  • Add content plugin (Content - External Links) for automatically adding rel="nofollow" to external links in posted content.
  • Admin Modules, Plugins, and Templates list will now mark extensions with missing files as such, mark them as unpublished, and disallow editing of the extension entry. This better clarifies what extensions are actually installed.

New Developer Features

  • Added log() helper to base migration class as well as logging statements to helper methods such as addComponentEntry, deleteComponentEntry, etc. Documentation available at Web Development: migrations
  • Added methods to the query builder for dealing with null values. Methods added are:
    • whereIsNull($column)
    • orWhereIsNull($column)
    • whereIsNotNull($column)
    • orWhereIsNotNull($column)
  • Added helper methods to the query builder for the various SQL joins. Methods added are:
    • innerJoin()
    • leftJoin()
    • rightJoin()
    • fullJoin()
  • Added clear($clause) method for clearing portions of a SQL statement. Example:
    $query = $db->getQuery();
        ->whereEquals('name', 'Foo Bar')
    // Outputs: SELECT '*' FROM `#__users`
    echo $query->toString();
  • Added database driver and syntax class for MariaDB.
  • Added database driver for Percona. Percona is a drop-in replacement for MySQL but includes a couple extra features such as a proprietary engine (xtradb), thus its own driver to add Percona-specific features to.
  • checkin() and checkout() methods on relational models can now be safely called for models/tables that do not implement the checked_out or checked_out_time columns.
  • Admin menu adds more (CSS) classes to menu items and marks active items for more/easier styling options.
  • Namespace in core javascript changed to Hubzero. This means developers should call Hubzero.submitbutton(), Hubzero.submitform(), etc. Joomla.{method} layer added for backwards compatibility.

    Note: Joomla compatibility will be removed in a later release. Update your code as soon as possible.

  • Added event hook for /file client on file download. This allows for logging or other actions once a file has successfully be downloaded.
  • Added Create, Read, Update, and Delete methods for to Projects API.
  • Added onCitationBeforeSave and onCitationAfterSave events to Citations component.
  • Started adding common Bootstrap class names to form elements.

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