All actions listed here take place in the administrator interface of the hub, similar to Proper administrator privileges and logging in are required.


Cart component can be found by:

  1. Log into the administrator interface (/administrator)
  2. From the Main Menu point the mouse to Components -> Cart

Receiving notfications

In the Cart component options, enter a email address or a comma separated list of emails to the " " configuration option to receive email notifications.

Software Downloads - All Downloads

Product, Downloaded by, User Info, EULA, Downloaded date, IP, and Status can be viewed.  A CSV can also be downloaded.


A SKU's status may be manually updated to "inactive" if another "active" download of that SKU needs to be made available.  This only apply when limitations are configured for downloads.  For example, if a user is only allow to download a SKU once, but report that there was an issue with the download an administrator may make the previous download as inactive to allow for another download of that SKU.


History is retained for each record in this report.  If a user changes status, the new status will not be updated in previous download records.

Software Downloads - SKU

Product and Downloaded count can be viewed.  A CSV can also be downloaded.

Orders - All orders

Order ID,  Order total, Items ordered, Order placed date, and Purchased by, can be viewed.  A CSV can also be downloaded.

Orders Items ordered

SKU ID, Product Decription, QTY, Price, Order ID ,Order placed date, and  Purchased by may be viewed.  A CSV may also be downloaded.

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