Tags are like keywords or category labels. Tags help you find content, events, and members which have something in common or similar interests. Tags can be added to groups, your profile, resources, wiki pages, and events. When creating or editing content, your profile, groups, etc. you can add or remove tags as you wish. If a tag does not exist, simply typing it in a Tags form field will create it and make it available for everyone to use on the Hub. Once a tag has been created, Hub search engines will pull the contribution documents and resources linked to that tag whenever a user searches a word related to a tag.

Creating a Tag

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in to the frontend of the Hub and access a section of the Hub where tags will be available
  3. Begin to edit the new media type​
  4. In the Tag text box, type in the phrase or word that the tag will be
  5. Once the project is saved, the new tag will be created

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