A user suggestion or request area that allows the user community to vote on ideas and Hub managers to approve wishes made by the community. Hub managers can categorize wishes with the following terminology:

  • Active- open wishes where people can vote on the wish
  • Accepted- the wish has been accepted and will be activated
  • Rejected- the wish will be denied for now
  • Granted- the wish is already available or will be in the next update
  • Like- voting up the wish
  • Dislike- voting down the wish

How is the consensus of a wish calculated?

Under My Opinion, each user can choose the importance and effort that will go into creating the final product outlined in a wish. The consensus combines all votes received and averages them. The total number of votes can come from the total number of people in the group, the number of people in the group of wishlist owners, plus any users who have been given access to view the wishlist. Any of these individuals can cast a vote for your wish, but the consensus will only be calculated as a percentage of the few that voted Yes out of the whole who can vote.

Creating a Wish

  1. Log in to the frontend of the Hub and under the “Support” tab select the Wish List component.
  2. On the Wish List dashboard and click on the “Add a Wish” button.
  3. Check the box to post anonymously or leave the box unchecked to put your name on the wish.
  4. In the first box describe in a short sentence the wish.
  5. In the second text box give a more detailed explanation of the wish that you’re making.
  6. Tag the wish to connect it to the Hub search engine.
  7. Click “Submit” to save the wish.

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