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Once a member signs into their account, they enter their dashboard, the individual customizable space within the Hub. Your member profile contains many sections including your dashboard, your profile, a wiki, a blog, and many more. Each member has the ability to use or not use each of these sections how they want. Some of the more important sections will be discussed in more detail below.

Editing Your Profile


The Member Profile has a new edit in place feature to help users edit their profile easier and faster. To edit your profile, first navigate to your Member Profile. Your should see a screen similar to the picture above. Simply click on the edit link along the right side of any profile field to start editing that field. A hidden pane should slide down and you should see fields to edit that specific field of your profile. This is also where you can set the privacy level for that specific field. When your done editing click the Save Button and your profile will be updated. Clicking the Cancel Button will disregard your changes.

Profile Privacy

All Member accounts on the HUB are created with a default privacy setting of Public. Users can make their profiles more private my editing their profiles. Under each section of their profile that they don't wish to publicize, they can click the Edit and change the Privacy to Public, Registered, or Private from the drop-down. 

  • Privacy settings:
    • Public: All visitors to the Hub who are logged in or not logged in can see this information
    • Registered: Only registered users who are logged into accounts can see this information
    • Private: Only the owner of the profile can view this information

Uploading/Updating your Profile Picture

All Member accounts on the HUB will be created with a default Profile Picture that is a silhouette. To edit your Profile Picture, first navigate to your Member Profile. You should see a semi-transparent black button over your current Profile Picture that says Change Picture. Clicking that link will bring up a popup to upload a new photo or remove your current one (if its not set to the default silhouette).


To Upload a new picture click on the black button that says Upload an Image. Your computer should display a file browser to select an image. After you select an image the file will be automatically uploaded and once complete should be displayed in the preview area within the popup. If you are happy with the newly uploaded image click the Save Changes Button and your profile should refresh with the new profile picture set.

**Note: You will see your profile picture on every section of your Member area, but you must navigate to the Profile section with your Member area first in order to upload, update, or remove your profile picture.

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