Member Dashboard

Once a member signs into their account, they enter their dashboard, the individual customizable space within the Hub. Each member dashboard has a number of modules that contain items for easy access, for example, the My Sessions module which lists any of your current tool sessions and also shows your storage space usage.

Personalizing Your Dashboard

You have the option to personalize your Dashboard by adding, removing, or rearranging modules. This customization feature allows you to fit the Dashboard to your personal needs. Once it has been personalized, it will appear how you arranged it at each login.


To add a module to your Dashboard:

  1. Place your mouse pointer on the Add Modules button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This button allows you to add a module

  2. A box will appear with a list of modules available. Click the Install Module button next to the module you would like added to your Dashboard

  3. After clicking Add, the new module will appear on your dashboard


To remove a module to your Dashboard:

  1. Place your mouse pointer over the upper right hand corner of the box, and click the X that appears

  2. A Remove button will appear. Make sure to click the Remove button to confirm the removal


To rearrange your modules: 

  1. Place your mouse on the top of the module you wish to move until a cursor appears

  2. Press and hold down the button on the mouse or other pointing device to grab the module

  3. Drag the module to the desired location, and drop it by releasing the button


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