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Feature Changes/Additions

Feature Changes/Additions

Administrator Changes

  • Users/Members Merged:
    • In the backend of the HUB, the "Users" and "Members" lists—found under the "Users" tab—were merged into one listing called "Members". This allows for all administrative functions on member accounts in one location.
  • Kimera Template Update
    • Now allows an image to be loaded for the header background
  • Plugins added to allow Google Scholar, Dublin Core, and Open Graph service to more easily find a Publication or Resource.
  • Plugins added for extended file preview/handling.
  • Project Files - Mount or connect to external data stores within Projects to allow access to and interaction with files and data stored within those varying sources. Examples of external data sources include Dropbox, GitHub, and Amazon.

    • Filesystem connectors can be added as plugins to the “filesystem” plugin group (allowing for enabling/disabling as desired).
    • When enabled, users can choose a connector, enter any necessary credentials, and then connect to and view file listings from within Projects.
    • Files are not automatically synced but, rather, can be copied to the local filesystem for use or publication as needed.

    Available filesystem connectors:

    • Local
    • Dropbox
    • GitHub

    To enable: Go to Administrator > Extensions > Plugin Manager. Search or filter to find the "Projects - Files" plugin. Click to edit. Look for a parameter called "Default action" and set to "Connections". Save changes.

    While in the plugin manager, filter by type "Filesystem" and enable/disable the filesystem connectors desired (Dropbox, GitHub, etc).

  • Publication Series/Aggregations - Curate a collection (or 'aggregation') of publications or other nested aggregations and represent them with their own DOIs and descriptions. Aggregations may be living documents and continually expanded or altered without necessarily creating a new DOI upon each edit (i.e., current Publications functionality).

  • File/Tool Associations - Added the ability to create generic relationships between tools and files. These relationships can be defined in the tools component in the administrative interface.

    A set of rules can be established that represent the file type(s) needed for the tool to edit/view/etc. those files.

    Using this information, interfaces can be altered to include the necessary tool launch links, passing in the required files. For example, in Project Files, files that have a corresponding tool handler now show a dropdown with the associated actions from the handler interface mentioned above.

Frontend (User) Changes

  • New "Activity logging" added to the Member page (see side menu) and Groups (see group side menu). "Activity logging" reports activity on the following features: Collections, Resources, Forum, Answers, Blog, Wiki, and Tool Sessions
  • Updated Member Dashboard Module
    • New "Recent Groups" section added to the "My Groups" dashboard module. This allows users to view recent groups they have visited.
  • A count of wishes now displays on listing page for "All", "Active", "Accepted", etc.
  • Project Files: Extended file view/preview/edit functionality has also been added, allowing for complex associations between files and view handlers. For instance, a preview handler for the “hubpresenter” files bundle allows for a preview of this multi-file scenario. This is a plugin-based system and can be extended for many file types and combinations. These handlers can also be employed on the publication page for more interactive views into the assets prior to download.

Service Changes

  • Apache Solr-powered searching of:

    • Publications
    • Courses
    • Members
    • Groups
    • Events
    • Support Tickets
    • Projects
    • Blog Entries
    • Resources
  • Deprecation of HUBgraph (defaults to Basic Search)

Infrastructure & Developers Release Details


  • Framework moved to Composer library​
    • Unit tests added for Browser
    • Unit tests added for Cache
    • Unit tests added for Config
    • Unit tests added for Console
    • Unit tests added for Database
    • Unit tests added for Debug
    • Unit tests added for Noification
    • Unit tests added for Pathway
    • Unit tests added for Spam
    • Unit tests added for Template
    • Unit tests added for Utility
    Service providers moved to bootstrap directories



  • Minor style tweaks to admin template
  • Kimera (template) can load an image for header background
  • Rewritten to use the ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

    • com_answers
    • com_blog
    • com_cron
    • com_developer
    • com_feedaggregator
    • com_feedback
    • com_forum
    • com_kb
    • com_poll
    • com_tags
    • com_wiki
  • Rewritten

    • com_checkin


  • Added "Recent groups" to "My Groups" dashboard module

(component) Groups

  • Added the ability for group plugins to return sub-menu options for the group tabs list (i.e., side-menu). This allows for each plugin to have a sub-menu of frequently used links such as "New post" or "Settings".

(component) Members

  • Merged with "Users" to create a unified "Members" component


(component) Publications

  • Added plugin to set page metadata for Google Scholar
  • Added plugin to set page metadata for Dublin Core
  • Added plugin to set page metadata for Open Graph


(component) Resources

  • Added plugin to set page metadata for Google Scholar
  • Added plugin to set page metadata for Dublin Core
  • Added plugin to set page metadata for Open Graph


(component) Wishlist

  • Display wish number on list page


(plugins) File Handlers added

  • PDF
  • LaTeX
  • Hubpresenter

(plugins) Activity plugins added

  • Members
  • Groups


(plugins) Activity logging added to 

  • Collections (site, members, groups)
  • Resources
  • Forum (site, groups, courses)
  • Answers
  • Blog (site, members, groups)
  • Wiki (site, groups)
  • Tool sessions

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