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What is HUBzero?

HUBzero is a platform used to create dynamic web sites for scientific research and educational activities. With HUBzero, you can easily publish your research software and related educational materials on the web. Powerful middleware serves up interactive simulation and modeling tools via your web browser. These tools can connect you with rendering farms and powerful Grid computing resources.

Minimum System Requirements

HUBzero installations require one or more dedicated hosts running Debian GNU/Linux version 7 (wheezy) or version 8 (jessie).

A typical starter HUBzero installation might consist of a single physical server with dual 64-bit quad-core CPUs, 24 Gigabytes of RAM and a terabyte of disk.

Production systems should try to not limit hardware resources, HUBzero is designed to run on systems with many CPU cores and lots of RAM. If you are looking for a system to run a small site with limited physical or virtual resources this is probably not the system for you. However, for demonstration or development purposes we often create VM images with less than a gigabyte of RAM and 5 gigabytes of disk. While fully functional, these virtual machines would only be suitable for a single user doing development or testing.

Target Audience

This document and the installation and maintenance of a HUBzero system has a target audience of experienced Linux administrators (preferably experienced with Debian GNU/Linux).

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