-  Fixing docblock, adding missing relationship for comment back to entry, adding more tests.
-  Adding unit tests for ORM models.


-  Migration and changes to edit form to allow for specifying the context of a citation to its associated resources.
-  Minor HTML changes to fix validation errors and improve accessibility.


-  Fixing incorrect HTML tag.


-  Removed #dv_top suffix from filtering urls.
-  Fixed the gallery view.


-  Changing font size declaration to use EMs for better accessibility.


-  Adds redirect and prevents promoting/demoting when nothing is selected.
-  Must select a user before promoting or demoting.
-  Prevents deleting the last manager.


-  Sort by 'surname', instead of 'name'.
-  Allow for exporting members by the current set filters.
-  Adding before and after events for saving profile data.


-  Add .gitignore to the list of files to skip.
-  Changing (tool/file) handler base path to a path pattern to better accommodate varying directory structures.
-  Adding before and after delete triggers and method for getting params Registry object.
-  Adding ORM models.


-  Add 'featured' flag to a publication, let admins make the publication 'featured'.
-  Show a 'unchanged' message if there is no diff info.
-  Make sure sub queries return only one record.


-  Add configuration option to resource files which can prevent direct download of files if opened with a viewer.
-  Show the file type for course notes.


-  Fixing incorrect 'for' attribute on label.


-  Have some plugins only respond when application is 'site'. This improves performance and avoids potential code being called when not desired.


-  Modified interface so HTML is consistent between PHP and Javascript and fixing some issues with deleting focus area groups.


-  Docblock fixes, formatting fixes, and some extra escaping of SQL inputs.
-  Fallback to retired versions if no published version can be found.


-  Remove reference to wish creator's name in case they posted anonymously.



-  Fix the ORCID search issue.
-  (tpl_kimera) Removing unnecessary 'role' attribute for HTML5 validation.
-  (tpl_kimera, mod_reportproblems) Minor adjustment to colors to improve accessibility contrast ratios.
-  (framework) Nested set database column for Nested relational models renamed from 'depth' to 'level' to conform to current usage.
-  (muse) Unit tests can be discovered and run from components, modules, plugins, and templates.


Number of commits: 73
Number of Support Ticket Issues repaired: 36


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