-  Changing the default wording due to cases where a store may have products with dollar amounts but no payment processor set up.
-  Add date range selector to lists of downloads. Set the default range to the last 30 days. Matching changes to the CSV exporting code.
-  Add date range selector to the list of orders. Set the default range to the last 30 days. Matching changes to the CSV exporting code.
-  Add date range selector to the list of items ordered in orders. Set the default range to the last 30 days.


-  Only apply group access filtering to posts that have a scope of group.


-  Make sure default limit value is in the options for pagination.


-  Fixing bug in retrieving collection created_by property. Making wording consistent when collecting a post.
-  Pass in a date string rather than a date object.
-  API now returns results and updates collections and posts.


-  Allow managers/administrators with back-end access to courses the ability to replace existing badge images with a new one.


-  Handle cases where thread attribute might not be set.
-  Disable cached results after populating the forum with default content.
-  Set default value to date string, rather than date object.


-  Wrap local storage code with try/catch to ignore any exceptions caused by corrupted local storage files.
-  Have main link go to the group. Add link to just announcements after announcement body.
-  Prevent public access to unconfirmed e-mail address page when visiting a user's profile that hasn't verified their e-mail. Also prevent links to their profile from showing on the members and overview page of a group until they have activated their e-mail.
-  Update components that directly utilize Guzzle since some of the methods used were removed in Guzzle 6 in order to be PSR-7 compliant.


-  Link to project if a project-related activity.
-  Making unconfirmed status stand out a bit more.
-  Removed forcing https on change password page as it was causing browsers to block mixed content and causing the password change page to fail.


-  Moving Pathway and Title are building to after Event calls so plugins have a chance to load language files.
-  Resolving access issue with open projects that are also archived. Disallow new 'to-do' button if archived.


-  Fix issue where authors previously removed from a publication draft could not be re-added because the status flag wouldn't change, therefore the author would not show.
-  Remove check for *.hash file before overwriting, as if it reached this point the file may have changed therefore it makes sense to allow it to re-write the hash inside the *.hash file.
-  Ran images through an optimizer to save on file size.


-  Update to distinguish SKU availability between out of stock and restricted. Update view not to display out of stock message if one or more SKUs are not available due to user restrictions.
-  Let the SKU inventory level be updated to 0 in the admin panel.


-  Setting default for github and jupyter tools to be 'on'


-  Make sure task is changed to action when dealing in a sub-wiki context (ie, group wiki)
-  Make sure revision created timestamp is set properly.


-  Update Facebook authentication plugin to use Facebook/Graph-SDK version 5.5.
-  Changing references from xprofiles table to users.
-  Update composer to use Guzzle ^6.0 (from  5.*)
-  Bumping framework. Brings minor fix for importing CSV  files.

Number of commits: 81
Number of Support Ticket Issues repaired: 36


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