-  Be explicit about declaring facade namespace. Micro improvements on memory usage.
-  Make sure uploaded files are checked against the global size limit and allowed extensions.


-  Make sure language string is correct and redirect goes to the right place.


-  Fixed incorrect variable name causing view display issues.
-  Fixing error that overrides formatting of dates.
-  Added personal access token generation.


-  Fixing issues where creating events from admin side could cause an event to not have a proper scope or timezone.
-  Formatting fixes.
-  Adding scope attribute to header column.
-  Adding label to form element.


-  Fixing query referencing nonexistent table alias.
-  Adding back missing options button.
-  Make sure search portion of the query is wrapped  in its own clause.


-  Check password rules against the passed user ID, rather than always against the current logged in user.
-  Adding indexes to better optimize tables.
-  Adding indexes to DB table,  adding config option to auto-purge records in log table that are older than selected timeframe.
-  Ran images through optimizer to save on file size.
-  Make sure com_categories displays the proper menu for com_members when adjusting member notes.
-  Make sure access can't be set on email and 'send email' fields if profile is private.
-  Fixing issue with searching for multi- word values.
-  Disable access controls for individual profile fields if entire profile is private.


-  Removing git commits from the project reporting page.
-  Fixing file stats reporting for projects.
-  Change report to number of active projects instead of a percentage of projects that are active.
-  Remove grouping clause, we want a count of rows not counts on the join.
-  Some clean-up, adding more permission checks.
-  Moving picture path generation to model and changing to use content moderator.
-  Update nogit adapter.
-  Add .gitignore to the list of files to skip.
-  Include the relative file path, not just the file name.
-  Removing trailing slash that causes the Handler to not properly detect file extension.
-  Ignore .git contents when moving project files.
-  Make sure 'more entries' button links to the correct spot.
-  Fix hiding author based on type of adapter being sued in the file list instead of doing a null check.
-  Check that the project property is set before attempting to pull info from it.
-  Making nogit the default engine unless specified per project.
-  Remove "By" column from filelist since author of file cannot be retrieved.
-  Fix issue that prevented files/directories with spaces in the name from being moved/renamed.
-  Fix issue with "owner" permission that prevented administrators from creating projects on the front end.
 -  Remove leading ./ in filenames for nogit adapter.
-  Display a correct message when a component manager attempts to leave the project.
-  Quote the file name when using the rm command to remove the file to avoid wicked white space issues. See #1457 on


-  Formatting fixes.
-  Some image code reworking: 1. Fix master image retrieval broken paths. 2. Add a method to a publication model to check if there is an image, have the media controller use this method instead. 3. Update the view to add an extra class name for publications without an image. 4. Remove explicit <img> width and height attributes in the item view because they are just not pretty.
 -  Allow the internal bundle to be rewritten when resubmitting from draft/ rebuilding the package for a publication.
-  Changing behavior so forker is sole author and previous authors are notified.
-  Fix the bundle rebuilding every time after publication is updated.
-  Let databases link files other than just images in a publication.
-  Little bit of French appeared to have made it's way into error messages.


-  Strip querystrings off of file paths.
-  Removing debugging statement and renaming misnamed var.
-  Properly save form variables into the Import model without overwriting.


-  Adding an ID to the search result item.
-  Only pull top-level facets for the 'all' search.
-  Use global pagination limit setting.
-  Adding breadcrumbs and page title.
-  Reworking query to include only facets that are enabled. Adding access level to output for admins.
-  Fixing issue where interface could get stuck in redirect loop. Minor fixes to wording, formatting, docblock.
-  Minor UI fixes to SOLR admin views.


-  Formatting fix.
-  Allow for adding usernames of non-existent accounts to the restricted permissions on a SKU. When  account is registered, permissions record will be updated with new user ID.


-  Pushing some old fixes to support(v2) API.
-  Linting like lightning.
-  Added helper method for handling attachments in tickets/comments and added attachment support for ticket creation.
-  Support for attaching files to comments added.
-  Re-adding previous router and moving changes to routerv2 now that versioned routing is in.
-  Comments controller read, update, and delete added  and working.
-  Comments controller (v2) added, list and create  working.
-  Fixed router and made changes to tickets controller  (v2)
-  Fixing ticket list function.
-  Added v2 of tickets controller.
-  Adding relationships to ticket model.


-  Adding helper method to force re-calculate associations (number tagged, aliases)


-  Change how authentication plugins are iterated over to support unrendered site_logins.
-  Make sure return value carries to registration page.


- Squashed commit of the following:
-  Bumping framework. Adds missing 'header()' method to  Response object and 'singularize()' method to Inlfector.
-  Detect existing accounts with the same username and email address before attempting to create a new stub account.
-  Removing unused files and adding timestamps to included  CSS and JS for better cache handling.
-  Handle incoming ID as either an  array or integer (redirect from add/remove will use integer)
-  Bumping framework. Fixes issue with plain text API output,  adds missing 'header()' method to Response class, ignore migrations from directories with dots and spaces.
- Add missing backtick.
-  Updates getStats() Updates the getStats() method to allow global scope 'hub'. This is explicitly set in the admin interface.
-  Removing references to Joomla.
-  Bumping framework. Removes references to Joomla, defaults  API to highest version, a handful of bug fixes.
-  Splitting interface into two tabs for redirects and  404s to make UI more intuitive. Adding status code so redirect can be permanent, better handling of trailing slashes.
-  Removing unused lines and changing usage of joomla constant to  preferred hubzero method.
-  Bumping framework. Fixes issue with Media form field and  allows for public, shareable content moderator links.
-  Standardizing titles and removing references to deprecated  'addedit.png' file.
-  Removing unused images and optimizing some others.
-  Fixing issue with pagination not going beyond page 1,  removing joomla-based class, minor clean-up.
-  Adding migration to fix a couple incorrect database indices.
-  Bumping framework. Only updates README file.
- Updating links to documentation.
-  Bumping framework. Brings better guards for detecting deprecated migrations table and allows API to be called form admin  side (using session authentication)
-  Minor color adjustment to improve contrast and adjusting image ALT text.
-  Adding soem extra checks, filling in down(), and fixing  improperly named migrations (invalid timestamps)
-  Removing table drop as the table is actually used.  Possibly an old repurposed or readded table at some point?
-  Fixing an incorrect component name in the migration.

Number of commits: 115
Number of Support Ticket Issues repaired: 38


Last modified: