February 2017 Commit Short Notes


  • Fix issues with group edit form losing currently selected logo
  • Fix authorization check before group is instantiated
  • Fix do not cloak email addresses in emails sent out through the group announcements plugin
  • Fix Super Group component route building since 2.x upgrade


  • Add autocomplete attribute to password fields to try and prevent browsers from auto-filling the fields
  • Allow password to be set when creating a new account via the admin interface
  • Add configuration options to whitelist admins and individual usernames
  • Add ability to archive a group or project moving to a read-only state
  • Adding missing required fields checks
  • Fix account confirmation loop due to cached User session data


  • Fix issue with deleting non-existent table in Project Databases
  • Fix invisible files upon upload and alleviates 'ghost' files within the Projects component


  • Fix reordering Publication master types
  • Fix publications to allow for optional license for a given master type


  • Fix SQL injection issue in Resources component


  • Fix Solr search Only return non-blocked users


  • Add helper to get stats from redis when needed for the usage component
  • Add configuration options to whitelist admins and individual usernames

    A complete list of all commits can be found on GitHub.

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