Templating System


A new templating system has been added to help Super groups create a better web presence. When a super group is created, a default template is created and placed in the groups filespace.

The only file needed for a super group template to work is /{web_root}/site/groups/{group_id}/template/index.php

File Structure

Below shows the desired file directory structure for super groups. Following this pattern will allow HUB owners and developers to add new developments and find bugs easier.

Default Template

A default template is created for each super group. This can be used as a base for the super groups template.

Error Template

Super groups have the ability use a custom error template (error.php), which can include a stylesheet (error.css) or scripts to display a custom error page.

Template Includes

The following group include tags can be used within a template to display the content, the menu, the member/manager toolbar, modules, or include a Google Analytics tracking code.

  • <group:include type="content" />
  • <group:include type="content" scope="before" />
  • <group:include type="menu" />
  • <group:include type="toolbar" />
  • <group:include type="modules" postion="{position}" />
  • <group:include type="modules" title="{title}" />
  • <group:include type="googleanayltics" account="{account}" />
  • <group:include type="script" base="" source="{file_path}" />
  • <group:include type="stylesheet" base="" source="{file_path}" />

For Script & Stylesheet group includes you can specify a base param of "template" which will automatically prepend "/template/assets/js" or "/template/assets/css" to the source. If no base is specified, it will look for the file in the groups "uploads" directory.

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