Install WebDAV

# yum install -y hubzero-webdav

Configure WebDAV

# hzcms configure webdav --enable


# ls -l /webdav/home/admin
total 0

Browse to your site's https /webdav address (e.g. https://myhub/webdav). You should get prompted for a username and password. Use the admin account. You should see a directory listing including the file "mytest".

Now test using a WebDAV client.

# yum install -y cadaver
# cadaver https://localhost/webdav

You will be prompted to accept self signed certificate (if it is still installed) and then to enter your username and password. Use the 'admin' account again to test. When you get the "dav:/webdav/>" prompt just enter "ls" and it should show the test file.

Finally clean up test case

# yum remove cadaver


If the test doesn't work, check if the fuse kernel module is loaded

#  lsmod | grep fuse
fuse                   54176  0 

If there is no output then try starting the kernel module manually

# modprobe fuse

Then try the test again

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