How to Remove Spam Accounts from Hubs

Detecting spam on Hubs can be found in Resources, Blogs, Events, Wiki Pages, Groups, Tags, and Wish lists. Once the spam has been located, check the creator of the spam to disable their accounts so they can no longer spam the Hub. Once you have disabled the account, delete the spam content that was found before.

Things to Look for

  • Unprofessional profile pictures
  • Non-Hub related information in the Bio
  • Unprofessional URLs/links to outside websites
  • Inappropriate language
  • Selling ads or promotional information
  • Non-Hub related content
  • Components on the Hub with links in the text box

Steps for Removing Spam

  1. Find the Spam
  2. Figure out the creator
  3. Disable the creator
  4. Delete the Spam content

Disable Accounts for Spam

  1. Find the account that created the Spam, and then on the backend of the Hub navigate to “Users” and then click on “Members.” Click on the name to open up account details.
    1. Note: You can usually be sure that the account is a spammer if they have a Hub nonrelated website link in the URL and an unprofessional profile picture.
  2. If the “Public Profile” box is checked, uncheck it. It is important to make the profile not available to the public incase they have Spam links in their account.
  3. Uncheck the “Confirmed” box if the user had confirmed their account. If it is not checked leave it unchecked.
  4. Change the “Contact me” drop-down to the “No, Don’t send me emails” option.
  5. Change the spam account password by typing into the “New Password” field a long and random password that the spammer could not figure out.
  6. Click “Save & Close”. 
  7. Find the spam account in Users > User Manager.
  8. Check the box beside the user’s name and then click “Block” to block the user from the Hub.
  9. After disabling the spammer’s account, find the spam that the individual has put on the Hub and delete it.
    1. Make sure that they account has been deactivated prior to deleting the Spam. This way the spammers will not receive emails about their content being deleted.

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