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This component allows users to find content, gain community help, and receive support. The support component can be accessed through the “?” icon on every page or through the Hub dashboard.


Users can create tickets when they experience a problem on the Hub that is not answered in Questions and Answers or Knowledge Base. Tickets are ways to report bugs or issues that they experienced with the Hub.

Submitting Tickets

  1. On the page where you discovered a bug, select the “?” icon.
  2. The support component will drop down; fill out the required fields with detailed information about the issue to help the Hub support team understand the problem you are currently experiencing.
  3. Attach a screenshot of the issue if you see a distinct error or template issue. This helps the support team locate the issue faster and see what is wrong.
    1. Hint: Make sure that you include the URL in the screenshot.
  4. Submit the ticket, and then you will be able to see your ticket in the “Tracking Ticket System” or in “My Tickets” on your account dashboard.

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