Plugins for Collecting

Plugins that can be used on the hub for collecting are: resource plugin, wiki page plugin, and content plugin. These plugins can be turned on from the backend. Once the plugin is turned on, a “Collect” button will appear on these components. Users can then collect resources, wiki pages, or content (article pages). The collected material will be saved as a post with a link back to the original content.

Plugin Names:

  • Content Plugin- “Content-Collect”
  • Wiki Page Plugin- “Wiki-Collect”
  • Resource Plugin- “Resources-Collect”


To turn on a Plugin:

  1. In the backend, under the “Extensions” tab, select “Plug-in Manager.”
  2. Find the plugin, and then select the plugin by clicking the small check box.
  3. Once the plugin has been selected, click “Enable” to enable the plugin.
  4. The plugin will now be active on the hub and users will be able to use the plugin to collect content for collections.

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