A template is a series of files within the CMS that control the presentation of the content. The template is not a website; it's also not considered a complete website design. The template is the basic foundation design for viewing your website. To produce the effect of a "complete" website, the template works hand-in-hand with the content stored in the database.

This article guides you through the process of designing your own template for a HUB. This is intended for web designers/developers with a solid knowledge of CSS and HTML and some basic sense of aesthetics.

Although many currently available HUBs tend to look somewhat similar, you have the freedom to make your HUB look as unique as you want it to be simply by modifying a few CSS and HTML files within your template folder.

Note: All the following articles will refer to construction of a front-end template. However, the concepts, techniques, and methods used also apply to the creation of administrative (back-end) templates unless otherwise noted.


We have provided an example template that you may use to follow along with the articles or use as a starter for your own HUB template.

Download Basic Template (zip)

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