Package List

Package List

The following packages (subject to change): are available from the HUBzero repository for this release. Not all are necessarily used for any given installation.

Package Name Purpose
hubzero-app Command line tool to manage installation/publishing of HUBzero apps
hubzero-app-workspace HUBzero App providing a lightweigth Linux desktop, for app/tool development
hubzero-chuse HUBzero graphical front end to the user environment manager 'use'
hubzero-cli HUBzero command line interface tools
hubzero-cms-1.2 The HUBzero Content Management System (based on Joomla! framework)
hubzero-expire-sessions Expires unused app/tool sessions
hubzero-filexfer Transfer files between App Sessions and user's desktop
hubzero-filexfer-xlate Support daemon for the filexfer program
hubzero-firewall HUBzero firewall that protects app/tool sessions
hubzero-forge Creates project areas for tool development
hubzero-icewm Linux ICE window manager configuration, used in workspaces
hubzero-icewm-captive Linux ICE window manager specially crafted to support tools in a sessions
hubzero-icewm-themes The HUBzero Linux ICE window manager theme, used in workspaces
hubzero-invokeapp HUBzero application invoke script
hubzero-mailgateway HUBzero mail gateway
hubzero-metrics HUBzero metrics support package
hubzero-mw-client HUBzero middleware - client
hubzero-mw-service HUBzero middleware - execution host session manager
hubzero-mw-session HUBzero middleware - per session tools
hubzero-mysql MySQL configuration package for HUBzero
hubzero-openldap OpenLDAP configuration package for HUBzero
hubzero-openvz OpenVZ configuration package for HUBzero
hubzero-policyrcd HUBzero policy-rc.d for invoke-rc.d
hubzero-python HUBzero python API module
hubzero-rappture The Rapid APPlication infrastrucTURE toolkit for building scientific tools
hubzero-rappture-session Session support packages for Rappture
hubzero-ratpoison-captive Linux window manager, used in app/tool sessions
hubzero-submit-client HUBzero submit client
hubzero-submit-common HUBzero submit common python library
hubzero-submit-condor HUBzero condor build for hubzero-submit
hubzero-submit-distributor HUBzero middleware submit distributor
hubzero-submit-monitors HUBzero middleware submit monitors
hubzero-submit-pegasus HUBzero pegasus build for hubzero-submit
hubzero-submit-server HUBzero job submission server
hubzero-subversion HUBzero Subversion support package
hubzero-telequotad Disk quota monitor
hubzero-textifier HUBzero textifier
hubzero-texvc Helper utility to generate math fomulas for wiki markup
hubzero-trac HUBzero Trac support package
hubzero-trac-mysqlauthz Plug-in for MySQL user auth in project development areas
hubzero-twm-captive Linux TWM window manager, used in app/tool sessions
hubzero-use Command for configuring the environment within a workspace
hubzero-use-apps HUBzero apps environment for 'use'
hubzero-usermap File permission mapping FUSE filesystem used by WebDAV
hubzero-vncproxy HUBzero VNC proxy helper  
hubzero-vncproxyd HUBzero VNC proxyserver  
hubzero-webdav HUBzero WebDAV support package  
libapache2-vncproxy HUBzero vncproxy module for apache2-mpm-prefork  
php-oauth OAuth PECL Library for PHP 5  
php-stem Stemming PECL Library for PHP5  
tightvnc-java Modified VNC Client that receives app/tool sessions within a web browser
vnc4server Modified VNC Server that sends app/tool sessions to the web browser

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