Creating/Deleting Groups

Creating a Group

***All registered users can create a group on the hub.***

  1. Log into the HUB with you user name and password.
  2. The first page that you see is you "myHUB", click on "New Group" under the "My Groups" section in the middle of the page.
  3. Fill in the required and any optional fields.
  4. Click Submit and verify your group is created.

Some helpful definitions:

Group ID
Your group alias. This will be part of the URL.
Group Title
The official name of your group.
Interests (tags)
Helps categorize your group in search results.
Public Text
The group description that non-members see when they come across your group.
Private Text
The group description that is visible only group members.

Group join policy determines how members join the group.

Auto accepts group membership requests
Hold membership requests to be approved or denied by the group manager.
Invite Only
Members can join only by manager invitation.
Does not allow group membership to be requested.
Discoverability Settings

Determines whether or not the group appears in searches or by browsing the group list.

The group can be found in searches and by browsing the group list.
The group cannot be found in a search and only is only viewable by group members and those who know the groups direct"URL".

Deleting a group

***To delete a group you must be the manager of the group and the sole member.***

1. Log into the hub.

2. From the "My Groups" section click on the group that you want to delete.

3. Under Group Manager at the right, click on show manager controls.

4. Click on delete group.

5. Check "Yes, I want to destroy this group." and click on Delete.

6. Verify that you have successfully deleted a group.

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