Component Configuration

Publications component configuration controls the display of publications pages, as well as the publication submission flow. To edit settings, go to /administrator → Components → Publications → Options. Your options are explained below.

  • Component ON/OFF Enable/disable Publications on your hub. When turned off, /publications will redirect to /resources.
  • Auto-approve Automatically approve new submissions.
  • Auto-approved Users A comma-separated list of login names of users whose publication submissions get auto-approved.
  • Email authors Email contributors when administrator make changes to status of a publication.
  • Default category Optionally set the browsing category of newly created publications to the specified value if exists. Default: dataset
  • Default picture Default placeholder thumbnail image for all publications. Default: /components/com_publications/assets/img/resource_thumb.gif
  • Default tool picture Default placeholder thumbnail image for tool publications. Default: /components/com_publications/assets/img/tool_thumb.gif
  • Default video file thumbnail Default placeholder thumbnail image for video-type files in publication gallery. Default: /components/com_publications/assets/img/video_thumb.gif
  • Default image file thumbnail Default placeholder thumbnail image for image-type files in publication gallery. /components/com_publications/assets/img/gallery_thumb.gif
  • Publication file path Master path for storing published data. Default: /site/publications

Digital Object Identifiers.

All required fields must be filled for the DOI service to work. If Service or Shoulder are left blank, publications will be released without a DOI. If other required fields are left blank, there will be a failed attempt to create a DOI resulting in error for end-user.

  • About DOI link A link to an explanation of what Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) are. [optional]
  • DOI shoulder Shoulder for issuing DOIs (what goes after doi:) [required]
  • DOI handle prefix Prefix for DOI handles if required.
  • DOI service DOI service URL [required]
  • DOI Service User/Password DOI Service User/Password [required]
  • DOI XML Schema URL of XML validation schema [required]
  • DOI publisher Publisher name (may use full Hub name) for DOI service. Defaults to Hub name.
  • DOI resolve url URL for resolving DOIs. Default:
  • DOI verify url URL for verifying DOIs


  • Supported Tag A tag to indicate organization-supported publications.
  • Supported Link A link to describe organization-supported publications.

Show/hide publication information

Next series of parameters lets you show/hide the following data/sections on the publications page and/or during draft editing:

  • Contributors
  • Ranking
  • Rating
  • Date
  • Citations
  • Tags
  • Metadata
  • Release Notes
  • Access
  • License
  • Gallery
  • Audience


  • Suggest license Allow users to suggest licenses. License suggestions get sent to administrators via support tickets. Administrator can then add a requested license via Publications back-end interface.
  • URL to Terms of Deposit URL to a page with information on Terms of Deposit. This field is required. No value results in an invalid link at pre-publication review screen.

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