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The “welcome” text, typically found to the right of the Flash banner on the home page is a module. To edit this module (or any module):

First login to the administrative back-end.

Once logged in, find “Extensions” in the main menu bar located toward the top of the page. You should be presented with a drop-down menu containing items such as “Module Manager”, “Plugin Manager”, etc.

Choose “Module Manager” from the available options.


You should now be presented with a list of all the modules installed on your site. There are a variety of methods to find the specific module you wish to edit: you can filter by selecting position, type, or even state (enabled, disabled). The welcome module would be in position “welcome” and of type “mod_custom”. You may also search for “welcome” in the filter search box or scroll to the bottom of the page and navigate your way through the entire list. Since modules are alphabetically sorted by their position by default, “welcome” will most likely be on the last page of results. Once found, click the module name to edit it.


Once in edit mode you will be presented with some options such as the title, position, etc. To edit the actual content of the module, scroll down until you see a large text area called “Custom Output”.


Edit the HTML/text to be outputted.


Scroll back to the top of the page and click “Save” (the icon that looks like a floppy disk) in the upper right portion of the page.


Your changes should now be applied and immediately viewable on the front page.

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