Enabling computational modeling and geospatial data analysis through HUBzero

By Venkatesh Merwade1; Lan Zhao1; Carol Song1

1. Purdue University



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Water-HUB is developed as a collaborative platform for hydrology researchers, educators and policy makers. Currently, a commonly used hydrologic model called Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) is used to link hydrologists through a SWATShare interface on Water-HUB. SWATShare enables any hydrologist to publish, share, execute, and visualize SWAT model for any watershed in the United States. The SWATShare tool builds on top of the HUBzero web platform and is implemented using an extensible layered system architecture including a FLEX based GIS user interface, a set of geospatial data and modeling services, and XSEDE HPC resources at the backend. It extends the core HUBzero software stacks to bring large scale geospatial data and modeling capabilities into HUBzero. Development and application of SWATShare has demonstrated that the capabilities of managing and sharing temporal and geospatial data can be applied to any model. However, there are currently no easy ways or tools to develop such data sharing and managing capabilities within HUBzero. This presentation will describe the architecture behind SWATShare, and discuss some new efforts to develop generic software building blocks that will enable integrated geospatial data/model publishing, analysis, and visualization through HUBzero, allowing more domain researchers and students to collaborate through online geospatial interactive applications.


Dr. Venkatesh Merwade is an associate professor in the school of civil engineering at Purdue University. His research and teaching interests include solving of water resources issues by using geographic information systems, computer modeling and hydrologic information systems. Currently he is working on projects related to flood modeling and mapping, soil moisture data assimilation and cyberinfrastructure development for hydrology.

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