Hubzero Installation

Hubzero Software Installation

This section describes the automated installation of the HUBzero software. It assumes that the server has been setup with a basic Debian installation as described in the previous sections of the documentation.

Note It is very important that the server hostname be described properly in the file /etc/hostname, that the server's fully qualified domain name be accurately reported by the 'hostname -f' command and that the file /etc/hosts contain an accurate mapping of the server's IP address to fully qualified hostname. Please refer to the previous section of the documentation for details.

To begin the process of installing HUBzero software, run the following command:

# apt-get install hubzero-config

This package will ask 12 questions - 6 pertaining to system variables that need to be set and another 6 passwords needed by the system. If the fully qualified domain name is set properly, 5 of the first 6 questions will contain the proper value by default. The other question is for an email address that will be used in several places for system notification messages.

The six passwords all require some kind of input. Note that the final password is for the super administrator admin user. This is the only one that will normally be used by the site maintainer.

Once the questions are answered the package will leave a script called hz-install in the /root directory. This script will use the information previously entered to fully construct a working HUBzero server. Run the command by typing:

# bash ./hz-install

The software installation process will then start and can take quite a while to finish depending on the server's network speed. Once the process is complete, you should be able to access your HUBzero server using a browser. You can log in with the admin account and begin customizing your site.

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