Emerging Technology in Creative Organizations

by Christopher Cody Charles, lorraine kisselburgh, julie goonewardene, Ryne Patrick McHugh

Additional help can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Editing_guide

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Essential Communications

Hi Julie, There are 12 of us, not counting undergrad work/study students. My hunch is that you’ll find a broad range of technical/computing ability amongst the team, so if this is a factor for your sample, you can be more or less comprehensive in your selections. Here’s a link to our webpage where you can see the staffers and their basic functions if that would help you choose. http://www.purdue.edu/convocations/staff.shtml

Nonetheless, those who are probably most able to help out, aside from me: Stacey Mickelbart, Mgr. of Operations Amanda Smith, Donor Relations Coord. Kendall Purpura, Dir. of Development Abby Eddy, Dir. of Mktg. Josh Lowe, Graphic Designer Kathy Bruni, Production Assistant Laura Clavio, Asst. Dir.

Re: avails: we’re all over the map, tho’ we do have a standing departmental staff meeting Tuesday (Mar 3) at 10:30a, so most of the gang will be there before or after, if you can mobilize this quickly.

best, TW

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