Creating a Bibliography and Taxonomy within HUBzero: a HABRI Central Case Study

By Gretchen Stephens1; Jane Yatcilla1

1. Purdue University



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In a landmark collaboration between the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine, the Purdue University Libraries, the Purdue University Press with funding from the HABRI (Human Animal Bond Research Initiative) Foundation, HABRI Central is being developed on the HUBzero platform to facilitate research into the relationship between humans and animals, especially people and their pets. This presentation focuses on the development of an online, open-access bibliography of published and unpublished materials with complementary taxonomy to support of this expanding area of interdisciplinary research.

In the past two years, HUBzero's basic citation and tag features have been enhanced to create a searchable bibliographic database (library) featuring peer-reviewed journal articles, books, book sections, theses, and other human-animal bond literature in support of researchers world-wide. Utilizing EndNote X5 bibliographic management software to collect relevant citations from numerous databases and export them into HUBzero, the project bibliographer has collected over 16,700 citations from more than 14 databases to date. The basic resources feature of HUBzero has been expanded in HABRI Central into a repository for licensed and open access material, which hopefully can be merged with the bibliography in the near future. The HUBzero tag feature expanded within HABRI Central to utilize the many keywords collected from citations and has led to refinement of the some of the tag maintenance features on the admin side and the front end.


Gretchen Stephens, MLS, is the Veterinary Medical Librarian and an Associate Professor of Library Science for the Purdue University Libraries, West Lafayette, IN. Co-author of a recent article on "Information-Seeking Behaviors of First-Semester Veterinary Students: a Preliminary Report" [JVME 2011 38(1):21-32], her research interests focus on information literacy and the literature of veterinary medicine. Gretchen is currently serving as co-principle investigator and chief bibliographer on a Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative (HABRI) Central grant, written by Dr. Alan Beck (PVM) and Charles Watkinson (Purdue Press), and funded by the HABRI Foundation. Using the HUBzero software and platform, the grant seeks to develop a digital library/hub on human-animal bond for researches in this diverse field of study.

Jane Kinkus Yatcilla is a health and Life Sciences Information Specialist and Associate Professor, Library Science, Health and Life Sciences Division, Purdue University, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

Jane Yatcilla has worked at Purdue Libraries since 2001 and is currently liaison to the departments of health sciences, health & kinesiology, and speech, language, and hearing sciences. HABRI Central is the third HUBzero project Yatcilla has worked on with research faculty from other disciplines; others include assistive technologies and health care engineering (see Carlson and Yatcilla, "The Intersection of Virtual Organizations and the Library: A Case Study."). Yatcilla is also heavily involved in the information literacy and instruction efforts of the Purdue Libraries.

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