Publishing Research Data in NEEShub

By Stanislav Pejša

Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulations (NEES)



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Earthquake engineering is a highly interdisciplinary research area that brings together researchers from civil, geotechnical, and environmental engineering, as well as researchers from Earth sciences. NEEShub, a collaborative platform that provides a stable data repository and virtual research environment managed the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NEES), attempts to provide a secure repository not only for data that originate in earthquake engineering research, but for all data that can help mitigate natural disasters.

Such interdisciplinarity and diversity pose unique challenges for data management, data archiving, preservation, and data publication. The proposed presentation will demonstrate approaches to curation, visualization, and publishing of research data in the NEEShub, as well as current curation workflows and services at NEES that help researchers to archive their research data and turn them into citable published datasets that can be reused or interpreted through a variety of analytical and visualization tools.

The presentation will also document ways in which NEEShub exposes the curated datasets and facilitates research collaboration and data sharing, as well as data reuse and repurposing.


Stanislav Pejša is the Data Curator at the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulations (NEES) located in Discovery Park at Purdue University. He is primarily responsible for the quality of data uploaded to the NEES data repository. He oversees evolution of data from mere aggregation of sensor measurements to fully curated research projects with metadata and documentation necessary for re-use, long-term access, and preservation. He is also involved in developing workflows and metadata solutions for improving access to and preservation of the research data stored in the repository and delivered through the NEEShub platform. He is interested in exploring new ways of effective sharing and interoperability of research data and issues related to their preservation.

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