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HUBbub is the annual User Conference for researchers, educators, and IT professionals engaged in building and using cyberinfrastructure. Learn about the latest features in the HUBzero tool box and how they can be used to address the unique challenges of scientific pursuits. Hear from invited speakers who are experts in cyberinfrastructure, social science, and national policy.

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In This Series

  1. Using the HUB to Study Disaster Events

    18 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Eric Letvin, Santiago Pujol

    NIST is creating a Disaster and Failure Events Data Repository which will host a national archival database of significant hazard events, the observed performance of the built environment during those events, associated emergency response and evacuation procedures where appropriate, and the...

  2. Databases at the Hub: Now you can create them yourself!

    18 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Ann Christine Catlin, Sudheera R. Fernando, Sumudinie Fernando, Ruchith Fernando, Ruwan J Egoda Gamage

    There are more than thirty medical and scientific databases established across ten Hubs. All databases were created using our Hub-based “data technology” components, with interesting new features and capabilities added to the technology for each new project. We have customized these databases for...

  3. The nanoHUB-U initiative: Goals, Status, and Experiences

    18 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Supriyo Datta, Mark Lundstrom

    The nanoHUB-U initiative is designed to help prepare seniors, graduate students and practicing engineers for the multidisciplinary research and technology environment of the 21st Century, through a unique curriculum: (1) which is cutting-edge and yet broadly accessible to all science and...

  4. Hubs in Space

    18 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Andy Burnett is a HUBzero-based site for Astrobiologists. The site was established, on behalf of NASA, to act as a focal point for the development of an astrobiology roadmap. This presentation will explore:- How we formed the community- HUBzero’s role in the overall project- The...

  5. Volunteer Computing for Hubs

    18 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): David Anderson

    Volunteer computing is a low-cost way to increase the computing power of science portals. In this approach, groups of jobs submitted to a portal are executed on the desktop and laptop computers belonging to portal participants or to the general public. We are adding this capability to HUBzero by...

  6. HUBzero roadmap discussion

    18 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Michael McLennan

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