HUBbub 2013, Day 1, Track 2: Hands-on with HUBzero

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HUBbub is the annual User Conference for researchers, educators, and IT professionals engaged in building and using cyberinfrastructure. Learn about the latest features in the HUBzero tool box and how they can be used to address the unique challenges of scientific pursuits. Hear from invited speakers who are experts in cyberinfrastructure, social science, and national policy.

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In This Series

  1. Collaboration and Contributions

    11 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Emily Kayser

    This presentation will describe:- What hub groups are, and how to find or create them- How to invite and manage users in a group- Group manager functions- Group features that help facilitate group collaboration, including new calendar features- What resources are, and how they are contributed-...

  2. Configuring and Customizing

    11 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Erich Huebner

    Congratulations! Your HUBzero software is installed. Now what? Each new hub requires some configuration and customization based on your needs. We'll talk about content configuration (article pages), home page configuration (modules, news/announcements, banner), member registration customization...

  3. Getting Started with HUBzero/VM Setup

    11 Sep 2013 | Seminars | Contributor(s): Erich Huebner

    If you have ever wanted to have your own copy of HUBzero, we will demo how to setup our open source VM. This talk will be mostly concerned with the technical setup that will include VMware installation and configuration, linux ethernet configuration, URL setup and new admin user creation.

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