Creating and Deploying Scientific Tools

Lecture Number/Topic Online Lecture Video Lecture Notes Supplemental Material Suggested Exercises
Introducing the Rappture Toolkit View Notes (ppt) Slides Handout
This talk provides an overview of Rappture and shows how to create tools in minutes by using the new Rappture builder.

What\'s Under the Hood? View Notes (ppt) Slides Handout
This talk shows how Rappture invokes your tool, passes in input values, and extracts output results. It takes a close look at the XML language that Rappture uses to describe your tool.

More Rappture Objects View Notes (ppt) Slides Handout
This talk shows how to create more complex arrangements of controls. Use the group object to group related input elements. Use the phase object to create separate panels of controls. Use the...

Advanced Visualization View Notes (ppt) Slides Handout
This talk shows how to generate complex outputs and leverage Rappture's built-in visualization capabilities. Use mesh and field objects to create contour plots and surface plots. Use the...

Regression Testing View Notes (ppt) Slides Handout
Assignment: ex5.tgz
This talk describes the new Rappture Regression Tester tool, which executes a series of tests that you define to verify the correct operation of your tool. Use this tool as you fix bugs and...

Uploading and Publishing New Tools Notes (ppt) Uploading and Publishing New Tools
Slides Handout
HUBzero lets you access simulation tools online via an ordinary web browser. Where do the tools come from? From you--hundreds of you throughout the world who are developing simulation and modeling...

HUB2CAC to access Matlab clusters View
Do you have a computationally intensive Matlab tool? HUB2CAC can simplify the work needed so your tool can benefit from Matlab clusters, in particular Cornell's CAC. With only a few items in...

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