What are resources?

Resources are user-submitted pieces of content that range from video presentations to publications to simulation tools.

Who can submit a resource?

Anyone can submit a resource! Resources must be relevant to the community and may undergo a short approval process to ensure all appropriate files and information are included.

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A collection of short videos, typically Flash-bases, which illustrate concepts, events, and lectures. Animations can be put together by and/or for students, researchers, and professors.

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Courses are interactive online classes to teach users and employees different tools and methods for research and development as well as introductory employee principles by completing assignments and online quizzes. 

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A download is a type of resource that users can download and use on their own computer. It could be source code for a tool you developed or a set of data files.

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Notes are a general category typically used for resources that may not have any associated files.

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A Publication is a paper you have written that has been published in some manner. The topic of the paper should be relevant to the community and may even include references from the site.

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Reports include documents produced by the HUBzero Consortium, as well as technical reports that summarize development projects.

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A seminar is a lecture of some sort, usually recorded with voice or video. It may be a graduate or undergraduate level seminar, a lecture for a class, or a tutorial presentation. Uploaded materials are usually PowerPoint/PDF, video/audio files, etc.

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Series consist of web seminars, videos, and podcasts of events, applications, and academic publications used in a non-traditional method to share one’s research or findings.

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Teaching Materials

Teaching Materials are supplementary materials that don't quite fit into any of the previous categories, such as homework assignments, study notes, guides, etc.

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A simulation tool is software that allows users to run a specific type of calculation. Most of these tools are built with our Rappture toolkit, so they have a consistent, user-friendly interface.

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Tools (Windows)

A simulation tool is software that allows users to run a specific type of calculation. These are (MS) Windows-based.

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A workshop is a collaborative hands-on work-space for participants to learn how to create, customize, and configure through hands-on training sessions, demos, and lectures.

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