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Newsletter Tracking is Not Reporting Statistics

Problem: After performing a newsletter mailing with email tracking enabled, the number of 'opens' is not reported to the Stats view within the Newsletter Component.

Background: When a HTML email is opened in a user's browser, a hidden image loads that resides on the Hub. This image's path triggers an event within the Hub to record the IP address of the machine requesting this image, effectively letting the HUBzero platform how many opens and a coarse geolocation for audience statistic generation.

Progress Updates:

  1. We have confirmed that emails are being sent and can assume that some people on the mailing list are opening the email.
  2. We have confirmed the image's path successfully records the IP address when loaded manually through the browser.
  3. We have confirmed the link to 'View in Browser' successfully records 'Click Throughs'.

We will update this page as we continue to work on a solution for this problem. Thank you for your patience.


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