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Known Issue - Blank HTML5 / NoVNC Tool & Workspace Sessions

Problem: Many users are experiencing blank screens within a tool or workspace session when the tool is launched.

Suggested Workaround: Refresh the page using the browser's controls, wait three seconds after the page refresh. The tool should now be displayed. Some success has been achieved by resizing the dimensions of the viewport using the Resize button.

Cause: The component used to pass the display from the tool session to the web page drops the first frame of data on occasion. By refreshing the page or resizing the viewport, a signal is sent back through that component to repaint the display. As common with VNC applications, sometimes artifacts or distortions cause the graphical display to glitch or not display at all, while the software is still running in the background. The software is not broken, rather the display mechanism experiences the error.

We will update this page as we continue to work on a solution for this problem. Thank you for your patience.


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